Colorectal cancer and oral microbiome​​​

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Fusobacterium Nucleatum infection is prevalent in human colorectal carcinoma

Castellarin, Mauro, et al.

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How a common oral bacteria makes colon cancer more deadly

Columbia University Irving Medical Center

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Colon Cancer Linked to Mouth Infection, gum disease?
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The oral microbiota in colorectal cancer is distinctive and predictive

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Metabolic and Community Synergy of Oral Bacteria in Colorectal Cancer

Flynn, Kaitlin J., etal.

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Opportunistic detection of Fusobacterium nucleatum as a marker for the early gut microbial dysbiosis

Huh, Ji-Won, and Tae-Young Roh

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Fusobacterium's link to colorectal neoplasia sequenced: A systematic review and future insights

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Association of Fusobacterium nucleatum with clinical and molecular features in colorectal serrated pathway

Ito, Miki, et al.

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Oral Bacteria and Intestinal Dysbiosis in Colorectal Cancer pathway

Koliarakis, Ioannis, et al.

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Patients with colorectal cancer have identical strains of Fusobacterium nucleatum in their colorectal cancer and oral cavity

Komiya, Yasuhiko, et al.

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GEN - genetic engineering and biotechnology news, 22 july 2020

Oral Microbiome Bacterium May Directly Trigger Colorectal Cancer to Spread

Ktori, sophia

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Association of Fusobacterium nucleatum with immunity and molecular alterations in colorectal cancer

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16S rRNA Gene Sequencing for Deciphering the Colorectal Cancer Gut Microbiome: Current Protocols and Workflows

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Fusobacterium nucleatum persistence and risk of recurrence after preoperative treatment in locally advanced rectal cancer

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The role of Fusobacterium nucleatum in colorectal cancer: from carcinogenesis to clinical management

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Fusobacterium nucleatum persistence and risk of recurrence after preoperative treatment in locally advancBacteria pathogens drive host colonic epithelial cell promoter hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes in colorectal cancer ed rectal cancer

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Prospective Study of Oral Microbiome and Colorectal Cancer Risk in Low-income and African American Populations

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Fusobacterium nucleatum Increases Proliferation of Colorectal Cancer Cells and Tumor Development in Mice by Activating TLR4 Signaling to NFκB, Upregulating Expression of microRNA-21

Yang, Yongzhi, et al.

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Human oral microbiome dysbiosis as a novel non-invasive biomarker in detection of colorectal cancer

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