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Dentulu – A Trusted Member of American Teledentistry Association

The American Teledentistry Association is a non-profit organization that unites many dental companies across the United States through teledentistry and virtual dental practices. Dentulu, as a registered member of American Teledentistry Association, adheres to all the guidelines and dental care solutions as set by this umbrella organization. This ensures both complete transparency from all of its registered dentists and dental professionals, and also convenient and affordable dental care for all of its patients. It’s the perfect opportunity for both patients and clinicians to branch into a trustworthy and state-of-the-art dental platform. Everyone from individuals all the way to full corporations can count on Dentulu and the American Teledentistry Association to address all their oral health issues.  

The application of telehealth systems is where Dentulu really delivers credible and reliable oral care. All of Denulu’s services are performed or delivered remotely, through teledentistry primarily and mobile dentistry secondarily. Here are just a few of the services Dentulu offers through its digital telehealth platform.

Live Video – A form of synchronous teledentistry, live video consultation allows for real-time interaction between a dentist and patient, even when they are physically apart.  Dentulu provides this popular form of communication to all its users hassle-free on the Dentulu dental app.

Store-and-Forward – On the other hand, patients who are not comfortable having a live video session with a dentist can instead use store-and-forward communication. This is an asynchronous method of communication by which patients can upload images and files to store or to  forward to their preferred dental specialist to review a later time.

Remote Monitoring – The information collected either synchronously or asynchronously helps the care provider to monitor the health of the patient remotely. Treatment can then be provided remotely as determined. Any new developments in the patient’s health or condition can be addressed immediately.

All of this and more is available to all patients and clinicians through the teledental platform provided by Dentulu and the American Teledentistry Association. All that is needed is a smartphone or computer, and one can get started right away. It takes just a few minutes to register a new account. Teledental services are more affordable, more convenient, and even safer than traditional dental clinics, helping the public prevent the spread of such diseases as COVID-19. Dentulu and the American Teledentistry Association are the smart and ethical choice for dental and oral health care.

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