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Join Dentulu's Dental Marketplace community by providing your essential details about your business.

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List products

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Take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to save big by subscribing to Dentulu's Dental Marketplace! For just $249 a year, you'll have access to a wealth of resources and a vibrant community of dental professionals, all while enjoying substantial savings on your subscription (learn more - link this to the affiliate page marketplace-vendor.html the one you created newly)

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Take the next step in reaching a wider dental audience by completing your profile and showcasing your products or services on Dentulu. Start connecting with the larger dental community today.

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Reach out to over 1,000 dental offices, professionals & public.

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Grow your business with dentist, hygienist & dental office.

Key benefits of being part of Dentulu

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Increased visibility and exposure

Reach a large, engaged audience of dental professionals and expand your brand recognition through Dentulu's Dental Marketplace.

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Targeted audience

Connect with a highly targeted and relevant audience of dental professionals through Dentulu's specialized platform.

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Collaboration opportunities

Collaborate and partner with other businesses and organizations serving the dental industry.

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Boosted sales and revenue

Generate increased sales and revenue by reaching a large, targeted audience of dental professionals.

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Convenient and cost-effective marketing

Listing on Dentulu's marketplace offers a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large audience without significant marketing and advertising investments.

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Access to industry resources and community

Benefit from access to a wealth of resources and connect with a vibrant community of dental professionals through Dentulu's Dental Marketplace.

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Being part of Dentulu Dental Marketplace

As a vendor in the dental industry, you understand the importance of reaching a wide audience of dental professionals. Dentulu's Dental Marketplace offers you a unique opportunity to expand your reach and connect with a large, engaged community of dental professionals. With a specialized platform designed specifically for the dental industry, you'll have access to a highly targeted audience, providing you with the opportunity to increase your brand recognition, sales, and revenue. Joining Dentulu's Dental Marketplace is convenient and cost-effective, offering you a powerful marketing tool without the need for significant investments. With resources and a vibrant community at your fingertips, Dentulu's Dental Marketplace is the ultimate platform for vendors in the dental industry looking to grow their business and succeed in the industry.

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Some features Dentulu's dental marketplace offers

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Accessible across devices

Our marketplace provides you the ability to access across the devices.

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Add products or services

Adding products and services to your store can be done either one at a time or in bulk using a CSV file. The CSV file is ready to upload, all you need to do is add your products and click the upload button.

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Manage your orders

Comprehensive order management features to track, ship and or cancel an order. Search, filter or sort. All at one place.

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Chat with your customer easily

We provide a detailed view of the orders and ability to communicate with your customers through instant and secure chat messages.

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Manage and track customer reviews

Your customers can leave reviews, respond to them, they can also be posted to your google or yelp business page for better visibility.

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Multi location and branches support

Your entire team from different locations can reach out to various customers in different locations. Create branches, branch administrators, list them based on geo location.

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Hassle free shipping label printing

We allow all our vendors to easily manage their shipping from their dashboard. Shipping labels can be printed from the order details.

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Marketplace business directory listing

Get listed in our directory with extensive reach within the dental community. Get listed for 6 months or 12 months starting $99. Get loads of benefits on each listing.


To list your products or services on Dentulu's Dental Marketplace, you'll need to register and complete your profile. Once your profile is set up, you can upload your products or services and start connecting with the larger dental community.

Yes, there is a fee for listing on Dentulu's Dental Marketplace. The fee structure is based on a subscription model, with options for 6 or 12 months of listing. The fee for 6 months is $199 and for 12 months is $249. No other hidden charges.

Dentulu's Dental Marketplace is designed specifically for the dental industry, connecting you with a highly targeted and relevant audience of dental professionals. With increased visibility and exposure, you'll have the opportunity to reach a larger audience and expand your brand recognition.

Yes, Dentulu's Dental Marketplace offers collaboration opportunities with other businesses and organizations serving the dental industry. This allows you to network, partner, and expand your reach in the industry.

The benefits of selling on Dentulu's Dental Marketplace include increased visibility and exposure, access to a targeted and relevant audience, collaboration opportunities, boosted sales and revenue, cost-effective marketing, and access to industry resources and community.

Dentulu's Dental Marketplace provides a secure platform for managing orders and payments, making it easy and convenient for you to conduct business. You'll have access to detailed order and payment information, allowing you to effectively manage and grow your business. All earnings credit to your wallet which can be further withdrawn to your bank account directly.

Dentulu's Dental Marketplace uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of customer information and transactions. This includes secure data storage, encrypted communications, and regular security updates to protect your business and your customers.